No this isn’t the kitchen…it’s the cow train, but keep reading and it will make sense…I promise…


This past Wednesday, I was working on a project and I got a text from my kitchen manager. “Have you seen the list in the kitchen? Apparently some of the staff decided to make a list of the pros and cons of working in the kitchen.”


OK….put yourself in my place….what’s your first thought? I immediately dropped what I was doing and made a beeline to the kitchen. As I approached I could see a list carefully taped on the glass window opposite a menu item…opposite a menu item so customers couldn’t see the list. It had multiple types of handwriting so quite a few people were adding to it. Oh boy. I was nervous.


Would you read the pro or con list first? I went straight to the con.


Here are just 5 of the cons, with the last being my personal favorite:
  • When there’s no customers.
  • When someone orders 2 scoops of ice cream in a cone. (Note: our scoops are big)
  • When you’re working by yourself and wish you had someone to talk to.
  • Spending the money you just made on food you want to buy.
  • When one of the Pauluses orders something and you’re all of a sudden paranoid that everything you’re doing is wrong.
Having a good laugh is the best. It really makes a big impact in your day. OK, I can live with these cons. Not one of them was “bad.” I felt much better.


Here are 5 of the pros, again the last being my personal favorite:
  • Little kids who are excited to ask for their own orders.
  • Nice customers.
  • When there’s a new ice cream flavor.
  • There’s air-conditioning (Note: the rest of our staff don’t get this luxury!)
  • Those days in the fall when you get scheduled to drive kids around in the cow train instead of having a nervous breakdown in the kitchen.
I hope this made you chuckle too. If you’ve been to the farm on a fall weekend it can get a little crazy so you might be able to understand how driving the cow train sounds like a great idea! Ha! I don’t know who started the list, or who has since added to it, but I left the list on the window. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I really love our staff.

Raising Funds? We Can Help!

There’s a lot of good in this world. There’s a lot of good in our local community. I bet you know people who volunteer, and maybe you also volunteer. Maybe with coaching a children’s sport, or tutoring children or youth who need extra help, or helping adults learn how to read or speak English, or serving meals to the homeless, or donating supplies to shelters, or helping with animal rescue shelters, or helping fix or build homes for those in need, or visiting with the sick,  or…or…or….the list goes on. They’re all worthy. They’re all doing good. They all need financial support. [click to continue…]

Silly Farm Quiz

Think you know a lot about the farm? Take our Silly Farm Quiz to see just how much you know! Answers are at the bottom!
1. Approximately how many fruit trees do we grow?
  1. 1,000
  2. 10,000
  3. 30,000
  4. 50,000
2. What is the *biggest* job/activity on the farm in the winter months?
  1. Rest – trees are dormant
  2. Cleaning/general maintenance of the building and equipment
  3. Trimming trees
  4. Filing receipts/invoices for the year
3. What did Dan do before purchasing the orchard?
  1. Fruit tree salesman
  2. Chicken salesman
  3. Carpet installer
  4. Chemistry teacher
4. Which of the following items are made from scratch at the farm?
  1. Chicken Corn, Ham & Bean, and Beef Vegetable Soup
  2. Apple Dumplings and Apple Pies
  3. Apple Cider Donuts
  4. Pork BBQ
  5. A and D
  6. A and C
  7. All of the above
5. How many people (other than Dan and Karen Paulus) work full time at the orchard?
  1. 0
  2. 2
  3. 5
  4. 10
6. All of the following are available for pick-your-own except:
  1. Pears
  2. Strawberries
  3. Apples
  4. Blueberries
  5. Blackberries
  6. Pumpkins
7. Dan gets nervous when he hears me (Karen) say…
  1. I have an idea…
  2. All you have to do is…
  3. I saw this online….
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above – Dan never gets nervous! ;-)
8. Why is there more than 1 farm with the name Paulus?
  1. What? There is?
  2. Dan and Jim (brothers), jointly own and operate 2 locations
  3. Dan and Jim, each own and operate a farm independently
  4. There’s actually lots of farms with the name “Paulus” in it because Paulus means “Farm” in German.
9. Which of the following thing(s) have actually occurred at the farm?
  1. Marriage Proposals in the apple trees and in the pumpkin patch
  2. Spring Wedding for a previous staff member by the log cabin
  3. Tornado with multiple acres of destruction
  4. 4-wheeler Race as part of a fund raiser
  5. A & B
  6. A & C
  7. A & D
  8. All of the above
10. The earliest we’ve ever had someone call to ask if they could come pick their own apples was:
  1. May
  2. June
  3. July
  4. August

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Blueberry Festival July, 2016

13626489_10209757846441399_7235135554412877580_nThe Blueberry Festival was a big success and we thank everyone who came to the event! With over 30 craft vendors, live entertainment by the Jazz Me Band, pick-your-own berries, free tractor rides, and so much more there was plenty to keep people busy. Approximately 650 people came for the pancake breakfast which is about double the attendance of last year! Your support helped us raise $3,000 for CURE, International. Thank you!

April Fools Day

We’re planting donut seeds today. We’re expanding to not only have apple cider and blueberry but also lime, cherry, orange and lemon flavored donuts that the kids are sure to love. You can also see we’re experimenting with a brand new seed…for the money tree. If it does well we’re thinking of opening it up for pick-your-own but it’s a late blooming tree and we won’t know how well it’s doing until November 8th, 2016. It’s a huge risk because we’re not  sure we have the conditions for it to grow favorably.