We’re planting donut seeds today. We’re expanding to not only have apple cider and blueberry but also lime, cherry, orange and lemon flavored donuts that the kids are sure to love. You can also see we’re experimenting with a brand new seed…for the money tree. If it does well we’re thinking of opening it up for pick-your-own but it’s a late blooming tree and we won’t know how well it’s doing until November 8th, 2016. It’s a huge risk because we’re not  sure we have the conditions for it to grow favorably.



A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came to the Blueberry Festival last weekend. Despite the morning rain and the afternoon heat/humidity we had lots of people and raised quite a bit for CURE, Int. But more on that soon … let’s start at the beginning … [click to continue…]


Summer is one of my favorite times at the farm because I love blueberries. And what’s wonderful about blueberries is that they last for 6 weeks! It’s not a super short season like black raspberries – 2 weeks at most for them. So what’s the story behind our blueberry patch? The patch we have now is big and lush and doing well … but it wasn’t always that way… [click to continue…]


Apple pie might be called the National Dessert — you’ve heard the old saying that “it’s as American as apple pie and motherhood”. However you make it (but especially with Paulus Orchard apples), it’s old-fashioned wholesome goodness. 

With the update of our website this season, we’re developing an online recipe collection. Included are family favorites as well as recipes collected from other resources. You’ll find recipes using apples, blueberries and blackberries, peaches, and some of the fresh produce items that we sell here at the farm.

There’s a handy button allowing you to print the recipes, too! Enjoy!


We had a lovely day of sunshine this week, and I found it too hard to remain indoors with the interminable paperwork. So — I escaped to the fields for a little strawberry planting! The guys were nice enough to let me help. Andrew and I were planting. (Dan let me have his job for a little while.)

Robert had the hard job of driving slowly and going in a straight line. You can see how tough it was on him. (Winkie! Winkie!) After I left, Dan took his job back and the guys kept planting. They did a lot more than me … 6,000 plants are now in the ground.